Project Support

Project Support

The Project Management Department has qualified and experienced personnel who provide support to organisations in managing their projects and programmes in a results-focused, evidence-based and sustainable manner.

This department provides technical expertise to such organisations from the planning stage to the evaluation and or transitioning of the project or programme.

Our passion for quality and subsequent delivery has helped us gain prominence nationwide. The firm is commited to delivering above the expectations of our clients; therefore we seek to maximise outputs and the services offered on a regular basis. 

The Project Management Department provides the following services:

Baseline Measurements

Services are available to carry out baseline measurements for development project and programme indicators that are developed by organisations and/or their funding agencies.

This will provide benchmarks by which progress on project implementation could be accurately measured and re-performed over time to determine whether the intervention is valid or reviews need to be carried out to ensure that the targets are met as intended. 

Mid-term and end of project evaluations

The firm could be contracted to provide services in carrying out mid-term and end of project evaluations to determine: the extent to which targets have been met; sustainability of the project/programme interventions; the relevance and impact on target groups; and the effectiveness and efficiency with which the project was implemented.

Development of monitoring toolkits

The importance of monitoring in project management cannot be over emphasised, therefore the firm provides services to support organisations in developing monitoring toolkits or packages that will measure the value of indicators at pre-determined points during the project life cycle. The toolkits will be designed based on the needs of the organisations.

Project Management Training

Project Management Training could be delivered to project teams to increase their efficiency. This includes Project Management Cycle Training; results chain thinking; development of logical frameworks – objectives/results, indicators, targets, assumptions, risks; indicator performance tracking tables, etc.

Programmatic/Operational Audit

The firm conducts Programmatic or Operational Audit services to development organisations. This will determine the extent to which internal processes (policies and standards) have been adhered to in addition to the impact made in the implementation of the project or programme.