Procurement Support

Procurement Support

Our team provides support to clients both on and off-site to ensure funds are managed and disbursed in line with client requirements. We deploy staff to clients’ offices/project sites as may be required to manage the procurement function.

Procurement Management Services offered include:

  • Spend Analysis  

We help our clients understand their spend base and keep their data accurate for future use; utilise the data to measure the effectiveness of the procurement function and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Strategic Sourcing 

Our team of experts help the clients to make savings. We help them to understand their requirements and manage sourcing events to negotiate and assist them in choosing the right supplier.

  • Contract Management 

Once the preferred contractor/supplier has been selected, our team of experts will ensure that contracts are executed as agreed – and we keep looking for ways to add extra value therein. We closely review variations (if any) from the contract; actively monitor savings and client satisfaction levels.

  • Procurement Audit 

As Development Partners aim to achieve project objectives from procurement initiatives, auditing the outcomes becomes a critical step to ensure success. We review the procurement plan and spend to identify rogue spend areas and non-compliance with existing contract terms and advise on corrective actions and measures to avoid recurrence.